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12.2.01 - Queen's Hall, Edinburgh

ECAT Ensemble
Conductor: James Wood

Peter NelsonA Bush of Ghosts
John KennyLocking Horns
John McleodSymphonies of Stone and Water (World Premiere)
Louis AndriessenDe Volharding

February - April 01
Arts Council of Great Britain Contemporary Music Tour

with Mark Baldwin Dance Company
Sinfonia 21
Conductor: James Wood

Julian AndersonThe bird sings with its fingers
StravinskyDanses Concertantes
Louis AndriessenDe Staat

15.3.01 - Royal Academy of Music, London
Royal Academy of Music Kagel Festival

RAM Manson Ensemble
Conductor: James Wood

Mauricio KagelHeterophonie
Mauricio KagelOrchestrion-Straat

14.4.01 - Vredenburg, Utrecht

Omar Ebrahim, baritone
Groot Omroep Koor
Conductor: James Wood

Ingram MarshallKingdome Come
John AdamsThe Wound Dresser
Ton BruynèlPhases
Cornelis de BondtBloed I

10.10.01 - De Singel, Antwerp

Percussion Group The Hague
Champ d'Action
Conductor: James Wood

John Cage16 Dances
Iannis XenakisPlekto

30.11.01 - St Pauls Hall, Huddersfield
Huddersfield Festival
James Wood portrait concert

Frances Lynch, soprano
Kuniko Kato, marimba
Mieko Kanno, violin
Clive Williamson, prepared piano
Champ d'Action
Conductor: James Wood

Iannis XenakisPlekto
James WoodChildren at a Funeral
Alejandro ViñaoBorges y el Espejo
James WoodAutumn Voices (World Premiere)
James WoodVenancio Mbande talking with the trees

2.12.01 - St Pauls Hall, Huddersfield
Huddersfield Festival

New London Chamber Choir (20th Anniversary 1/3)
Conductor: James Wood

Tristan-Patrice ChallulauFarben
Luca FrancesconiLet me bleed (World Premiere)
Alejandro ViñaoEpitafios (UK Premiere)

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