Steven Schick playing Rogosanti at the Almeida Theatre, 1988

Rogosanti (1986)
for solo percussion

Duration: 10 minutes

Written for Steven Schick

First performance: August 1987, Dartington
James Wood

'...uses indian rhythms and consciously evokes ideas of Asian rituals. After a ferocious display of wood and skin, its great turning point arrives with the sudden ring of a high-pitched metal bar. At first nothing happens, but at the next time of striking it stills the hubbub and starts a quiet reassembly of cooler, sustained sounds, finally leaving the high metallic tone in poetic isolation.'

Robert Macock, The Independent, 27.4.88

'... a simple idea, stunningly realized in percussive terms...'

Richard Morrison, The Times, 27.4.88

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Elanga N'Kake singing to his craft (1993)

a dramatic soliloquy for solo percussionist/vocalist

Duration: 15 minutes

Written for Robert Van Sice

First performance:
July 1994, Darmstadt
James Wood

'Humeur aussi Elanga N'Kake singing to his craft de James Wood, compositeur interprète dans une incroyable double performance parlée chantée et jouée au centre d'un petit instrumentarium... langage inventé, qui tient autant de l'onomatopée que d'une sorte de rap d'essence japonaise, en dialogue et connivence constante avec la palette sonore instrumentale. Quinze minutes succulentes d'une dextérité à toute épreuve, truffée de clins d'oeuil.'

Michèle Friche, Le Soir, 13.3.95

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Shrine of Stored Incense (1997)
for solo percussion

Duration: 10 minutes
Commissioned by the 1997 International Music Competition of the ARD
First Performance: September 1997, Munich

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The Priest of Shiga Temple (1999)
for solo marimba and electronics

(Jodo - Part 4)

Duration: 9 minutes
Commissioned by Graeme Hall

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Jôdo (1998-9)
for solo percussion, high soprano and electronics

see under Chamber

Secret Dialogues (2014)
for solo marimba

Duration: 12 ½ minutes

Commissioned by an international consortium of marimbists led by Eduardo Leandro

The Leandro Consortium consists of the following 31 marimbists, and they have exclusivity for the performance or recording of this piece until August 2016:

Joaquim Zito Abreu, Rafael Alberto, Garrett Arney, James Beauton, Ricardo Bologna, Gwen Burgett, Michael Burritt, Kanako Chikami, Michael Compitello, Colin Currie, Mark Demull, Mattew Duvall, Diego Espinosa, Jacob Harpster, Ji Hye Jung, Ayano Kataoka, Tatiana Koleva, Kunihiko Komori, Eduardo Leandro, Ramon Lormans, Thomas Marceau, Laurent Mariusse, William Moersch, Doug Perkins, Fernando Rocha, Ian Rosenbaum, Robert van Sice, Ricardo Coelho de Souza, Jeff Stern, Mari Yoshinaga, Ruben Zuniga

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