Audio Excerpts

in chronological order

Ho shang Yao (Songs by the River) (1983)
for solo soprano and solo percussion

3-Zhen (The Chen)
Duration: 1:22

7-Zhu Gan (Bamboo Rods)
Duration: 8:45

Sara Stowe, soprano
James Wood, percussion

[voice and percussion]

Oreion (of mountains...) (1989)
for large orchestra

World Premiere, Royal Albert Hall, BBC Proms 1989
Excerpt from sections II and III

Duration: 11:11

BBC Symphony Orchestra
conducted by the composer


Village Burial with Fire (1989)
for percussion quartet

Excerpt from beginning
Duration: 6:25

Percussive Rotterdam

[percussion ensemble]

Incantamenta (Incantations) (1991)
for twenty-four solo voices

Excerpt from beginning
Duration: 5:03

New London Chamber Choir
conducted by the composer

[unaccompanied voices]

The Parliament of Angels (1995)
a concerto for eighteen musicians

Excerpt from final section
Duration: 6:23

London Sinfonietta
conducted by the composer

[large ensemble]

Children at a Funeral (1996)
for prepared piano

Excerpt from beginning
Duration: 4:33

Andrew Ball, prepared piano


Séance (1996)
for solo soprano, MIDI vibraphone, chorus and live electronics

Oxford Contemporary Music Festival, November 1996,
Recorded live in St Barnabas Church

0:00 Invocation: ONE - Unity and Genesis
7:33 Interlude 1
9:10 2.TWO - Polarity and Division
13:40 Interlude 2
15:12 3.THREE - Trinity
23:57 Interlude 3
25:34 4.FIVE - Life and Love
35:20 Interlude 4
35:46 5.EIGHT - Auspiciousness
37:29 In paradisum
Total duration: 40:47

Françoise Kubler, soprano
Emmanuel Séjourné, MIDI-Vibraphone
New London Chamber Choir
conducted by the composer

[voice and electronics]

Jodo (1999)
for solo percussion, high soprano and electronics

Jodo, Part 3 - The Great Imperial Concubine
Duration: 8:55

Jodo, Part 4 - The Priest of Shiga Temple
Duration: 9:24

Sarah Leonard, soprano
Kuniko Kato, percussion
The composer, triggerist


Autumn Voices (2001)
for violin and electronics

World Premiere, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival 2001
Excerpt from middle

Duration: 4:55

Mieko Kanno, violin
The composer, triggerist


Tongues of Fire (2001)
for large chorus and percussion quartet

Recording in preparation - expected end of 2014

[chorus and ensemble]

Crying bird, echoing star (2002)
for five instrumnents

Excerpt from beginning
Duration: 5:20

New Music Players
Roger Montgomery, conductor


De telarum mechanicae (2007)
On the mechanics of weaving
for fifteen instruments

Excerpt from middle
Duration: 5:21

Ulrich Pöhl, conductor

[large ensemble]

Cloud Polyphonies (2011)
for percussion sextet

I: Starlings
Duration: 7:27

Yale Percussion Group
Robert van Sice, director

[percussion ensemble]


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