During the project with Robert Van Sice and Yale Percussion Group to perform Cloud-Polyphonies both at the 2012 Norfolk Chamber Music Festival, and again in Sprague Hall, New Haven in February 2013, and then to record the work in New Haven in June 2013, several revisions to the work were made.

For those already in possession of the original 2011 edition of Cloud-Polyphonies, the revisions are listed below, complete with downloads where necessary.


1. Tempo reduced from 132 to 126.
2. Mallet suggestions refined and added [see revised Starlings Intro pages].
3. Bars 1 - 2 slightly revised [See revised Starlings-page 1].


1. Precise combination of "Cheng" defined
[see revised Clouds Intro Pages]
[download this soundfile of the cheng sounds used in the Yale Percussion Group recording]

2. Bowed cymbal harmonics in P-1, P-2 and P-3 in bar 81 changed from 'pure' to 'complex' [see Clouds page 23]

3. Roto-son damping revised in bars 160 - 162
[see Clouds pages 42 - 43]

4. Tam-tam 1 note in P-2 in bar 234 given to P-3, whilst P-2 extends the gong diminuendo until the end of bar 234[see Clouds page 60]


1. Drum-tuning scheme completely revised
[see Buffalo Intro Pages]
[download this soundfile of the drum pitches adopted in the Yale Percussion Group recording]

2. Tempi compressed, with slow tempi (as at the opening MM 52) remaining the same, but fastest tempo (MM 132) becomes reduced to MM 126
[for all revised tempi, see Buffalo Tempo Chart]

3. Bar 330 (P-5 and P-6) slightly revised
[see Buffalo page 78]

Photos from recording session at Sprague Hall, New Haven, June 2013

Photos by Cécile Van Sice

temple bell

Robert Van Sice

Bowed piano

Bowed piano

Detail from Clouds setup

Bowed piano

Clouds setup

Detail from Clouds setup


Detail from Clouds setup

Detail from Clouds setup

James Wood with Eugene Kimball

Robert Van Sice with James Wood and Yale Percussion Group

Yale Percussion Group with James Wood

Buffalo setup

Bull-Roarer (tip)

Eugene Kimball with James Wood

Robert Van Sice with James Wood


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